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Commercial photography serves the specific purpose of photographing products or subjects for various commercial purposes, to market and promote products, services, events and experiences within brand guidelines. Commercial photography displays your products and services professionally, allowing your customers to better understand your business and products and gives a professional look to your company. Our award-winning Melbourne commercial photographer will deliver professional photographs and images supporting your brand’s good image and positive customer feedback.


Various Types of Photography

You can use photography to support an increase in business transactions as well as brand and product awareness. You can achieve this through various types of photography that includes but is not limited to fashion photography, lifestyle photography, architectural photography and portrait photography. A commercial photographer is well equipped and knowledgeable about managing all aspects of various types of photography and more.

There is a subtle difference implied between commercial and advertising photography, although there is some overlap. Where commercial photography focuses on showcasing a product or service in the best light possible, advertising photography is more about telling a story about the brand and creating an emotional appeal.

  • Product photography is used to promote specific features and benefits of a product, often in close-up angles and high definition. Images of the products are captured in the most camera-friendly way to help market and brand the product.
  • A common type of photography is food photography in that it involves capturing the most desirable photos of food for menus or its packaging. Prop food and often inedible materials are used and arranged by a food stylist to create a look of irresistible meals. Considerable positioning and styling are done to create images of visually appealing food.
  • Interior photography highlights exceptional interior designs to promote and market a service that real estate agents or interior designers often use. The inside of a home or space is showcased at the best angle and optimal light to display the scope of its value.
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Altered Images Photography is proud to present our commercial photographer in Melbourne to efficiently and expertly produce the best images that your business can harness to increase your brand awareness and sales. With our complete creative imaging service, we ensure colour consistency is maintained from capturing through to the final output, whether print or digital.


Examples of Commercial Photography

An excellent, accredited corporate photographer can easily and professionally accomplish many elements to consider in business photography. Here are a few examples of photography projects:

Commercial Photography
  • Photography for product packaging involves photographs of the product in the best light from all angles to look the most appealing. This image is used on the packaging of the product to entice potential customers.
  • To make a location or destination look like the ideal vacation spot, the promotional photographs for travel brochures or pamphlets will help sell the destination for those considering a holiday break.
  • We have all seen the billboards promoting a television show or theatre production. Billboards are a part of the marketing budget, strategically placed all over town and main roads to attract everyone to visit the theatre or tune in to watch a television show.

There are many more ways that a photographer can be a valuable addition to the promotion and increased awareness of the brand and product of a business.


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We provide a complete creative imaging service that will effectively and expertly produce exquisite photography images for your business. Contact us at our cyclorama studio for a passionate presentation and consultation of professional service.