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Corporate Headshots

Photography That Lets Your Business Stand Out With Corporate Headshots

Provide a striking portfolio for your next marketing or business proposal with corporate headshots. Whether for your corporate profile or monthly business magazine, our professional photographs can help you distinguish yourself from the rest.


The Importance of a Corporate Headshots Photographer

If you are thinking about professional corporate headshots in Melbourne, you have come to the right place. We combine passion, experience and an eye for detail to create unique works of art using reflections of light to enhance your business profile.

  • A professional photographer makes all the difference. A selfie or a cut-out from a family portrait will not suffice to create the all-important first impression. A professionally done headshot will be the distinguishing factor when trying to make a favourable impression. We will prepare the appropriate lighting, exposure, techniques, background, and style for a professional corporate headshot.
  • A face to your business brand and corporate identity. In this corporate climate, it is simply not enough to market your logo and business brand. The true face of your business is you, and your team that connects and establishes a long-term business relationship with your clients. The face of your business or rather, your corporate headshots, are what clients will look for when researching your company. So, go the extra mile, take your professional headshot with us in Melbourne. Corporate headshots are what we do!
  • Create lasting impressions. First impressions will always be lasting. With today’s technology, clients research businesses before selecting to initiate a trade with them. A distinctive and professional photograph will align you to your company and put your business in a favourable light when clients decide to interact with your business.
Corporate headshot Rebecca Jenkins


Tips Regarding Business Headshots

Business headshot EDL Livinia

Today’s world is digitally driven, and more often now, your profile photo will get an instant opinion before anyone even meets or speaks with you. So, the need to look your best is vital to maintain your professional image.

  • Match your real identity with your digital identity. Clients will always associate your business with you. A professional headshot will display you and your business warmly, friendly and professionally to your prospective clients.
  • Add credibility and professionalism. Business is about interaction, and people want to see the face of the person they will be doing business with on your website. Our skilled photographer will help put a professional look that adds credibility to your business brand.
  • Your headshot will go a long way. Your professional photograph will be on your business website and professional sites such as LinkedIn. You can include it in your business advertising, press releases, media articles, trade magazines, blogs, and social media. You can also add them to your business cards and below your signature.


About Altered Images Photography

A pioneer in the industry, our photography studio has been in existence since 1986. We are vastly experienced and qualified, and we offer a wide range of services tailor-made to suit your personal needs. We credit our high-profile portfolio to our honest and hardworking nature to fulfil customer satisfaction. Keeping abreast of the latest industry trends and technology, we guarantee to bring you the very best in creative imaging from capture to image output.

We are an accredited Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) life member with many more distinguished accolades under our name. Contact us today to capture your image for a lifetime.